NB17-09 Adam Eric Greenberg
Hal E. Hershfield
John W. Payne
Suzanne B. Shu
Stephen A. Spiller
Exploring How Uncertainty in Longevity Estimates Predicts SSA Claiming Decisions September 2017
NB17-12 Rafael Lalive
Arvind Magesan
Stefan Staubli
Raising the Full Retirement Age:
Defaults vs Incentives
September 2017
NB17-02 John Beshears
James Choi
Christopher Clayton
Christopher Harris
David Laibson
Brigitte Madrian
Optimal Illiquidity September 2017
NB17-13 Itzik Fadlon
Shanthi Ramnath
Patricia Tong
Mortality Risk and Household Insurance in the U.S. September 2017
NB17-03 James M. Poterba
Steven F. Venti
Financial Well-Being in Late Life: Understanding the Impact of Adverse Health Shocks and Spousal Deaths September 2017
NB17-06 Frank N. Caliendo
Aspen Gorry
Sita Slavov
Survival Ambiguity and Welfare August 2017