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Decision-Making Traits and the Propensity to Default: Evidence and Implications December 2014
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James Choi
Christopher Clayton
Christopher Harris
David Laibson
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Optimal Illiquidity in the Retirement Savings System September 2014
NB14-04 Jeffrey R. Brown
Alessandro Previtero
Procrastination, Present-Biased Preferences, and Financial Behaviors September 2014
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Gopi Shah Goda
How Much Does Access to Health Insurance Influence the Timing of Retirement? September 2014
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David A. Wise
The Long Reach of Education: Early Retirement September 2014
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Wealth Dynamics during Retirement: Evidence from Population-Level Wealth Data in Sweden September 2014
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The Social Security Earnings Test and Retirement September 2014
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Reducing Health Disparities Among Older Workers:
New Lessons from Spatial Variation
September 2014
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The Psychology of Social Security Claiming Decisions
and the Design of Interventions
September 2014