NB12-05 Jeffrey R. Brown
Anne M. Farrell
Scott J. Weisbenner
The Downside of Defaults December 2012
NB12-12 David M. Cutler
Ellen Meara
Seth Richards-Shubik
Unemployment and Disability: Evidence from the Great Recession September 2012
NB12-03 George J. Borjas Health Difficulties in the Elderly Immigrant Population Health Difficulties in the Elderly Immigrant Population September 2012
NB12-17 Lee Lockwood
Day Manoli
Intergenerational Risk Sharing and the Effects of Social Security Reforms September 2012
NB12-08 James Poterba
Steven Venti
David A. Wise
The Nexus of Social Security Benefits, Health, and Wealth at Death September 2012
NB12-13 Till von Wachter Assessing Systematic Differences in Industry-Award Rates of Social Security Disability Insurance September 2012
NB12-04 Raj Chetty
John N. Friedman
Søren Leth-Petersen
Torben Nielsen
Active vs Passive Decisions and Crowd-out in Retirement Savings Accounts: Evidence from Denmark September 2012
NB12-18 Chinhui Juhn
Kristin McCue
Workplace Characteristics and Employment of Older Workers September 2012
NB12-09 John B. Shoven
Sita Nataraj Slavov
The Decision to Delay Social Security Benefits: Theory and Evidence September 2012
NB12-14 Kathleen McGarry
Jonathan Skinner
The Importance of Private and Government Safety Nets: A Comparison of Approved and Denied SSDI Applicants September 2012
NB12-19 Courtney C. Coile
Phillip B. Levine
Robin McKnight
Recessions, Older Workers, and Longevity: How Long Are Recessions Good For Your Health? September 2012
NB12-10 Felix Reichling
Kent Smetters
The Demand for Annuities with Stochastic Mortality Probabilities September 2012
NB12-15 Aviva Aron-Dine
Liran Einav
Amy Finkelstein
Mark Cullen
Moral hazard in health insurance: How important is forward looking behavior? September 2012
NB12-06 John Beshears
James J. Choi
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian
The Impact of a Roth Option on Outcomes in Employer-Sponsored Savings Plans September 2012
NB12-11 John Beshears
James J. Choi
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian
Stephen P. Zeldes
What Makes Annuitization More Appealing? September 2012
NB12-01 Samuel H. Preston Protecting the Effect of Changes in Smoking and Obesity on Future Life Expectancy in the United States September 2012
NB12-16 Andrew A. Samwick Means-Testing Federal Health Entitlement Benefits September 2012
NB12-07 James Choi
Justine Hastings
Unika Shrestha
The Impact of Risk and the Financial Crisis on Perceptions of Privatized Social Security and Retirement Planning September 2012