Sebastian Sotelo

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Department of Economics
611 Tappan Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 49109
United States

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Michigan

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2017Trade Induced Structural Change and the Skill Premium
with Javier Cravino: w23503
We study how international trade affects manufacturing employment and the relative wage of unskilled workers when goods and services are traded with different intensities. Manufacturing trade reduces manufacturing prices worldwide, which reduces manufacturing employment if manufactures and services are complements. We document that manufacturing production is unskilled-labor intensive, so that these changes increase the skill-premium. We incorporate this mechanism in a quantitative trade model and show that trade has had a negative impact on manufacturing employment and the relative wage of unskilled workers. The impact on the skill premium was larger in developing countries where manufacturing is particularly unskilled-labor intensive.

Published: Javier Cravino & Sebastian Sotelo, 2019. "Trade-Induced Structural Change and the Skill Premium," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol 11(3), pages 289-326. citation courtesy of

February 2012International Trade: Linking Micro and Macro
with Jonathan Eaton, Samuel S. Kortum: w17864
A recent literature has introduced heterogeneous firms into models of international trade. This literature has adopted the convention of treating individual firms as points on a continuum. While the continuum offers many advantages this convenience comes at some cost: (1) Shocks to individual firms can never have an aggregate effect. (2) It is hard to reconcile the small (sometimes zero) number of firms engaged in selling from one country to another with a continuum. (3) For such models to deliver finite solutions for aggregates, such as the price index, requires restrictions on parameter values that may not hold in the data. We show how a standard heterogeneous-firm trade model can be amended to allow for only an integer number of firms. The model overcomes the deficiencies of the continu...

Published: "International Trade: Linking Micro and Macro," (with Jonathan Eaton and Sebastian Sotelo) in Daron Acemoglu, Manuel Arellano, and Eddie Dekel, eds., Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Tenth World Congress, Volumes I, II, and III.

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