Margaret Slade

Department of Economics
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1

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Institutional Affiliation: The University of British Columbia

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2010Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter?
with Sergey Lychagin, Joris Pinkse, John Van Reenen: w16188
We simultaneously assess the contributions to productivity of three sources of research and development spillovers: geographic, technology and product-market proximity. To do this, we construct a new measure of geographic proximity that is based on the distribution of a firm's inventor locations rather than its headquarters, and we report both parametric and semiparametric estimates of our geographic- distance functions. We find that: i) Geographic space matters even after conditioning on horizontal and technological spillovers; ii) Technological proximity matters; iii) Product-market proximity is less important; iv) Locations of researchers are more important than headquarters but both have explanatory power; and v) Geographic markets are very local.

Published: Sergey Lychagin & Joris Pinkse & Margaret E. Slade & John Van Reenen, 2016. "Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter?," The Journal of Industrial Economics, vol 64(2), pages 295-335. citation courtesy of

May 1998Incentive Contracting and the Franchise Decision
with Francine Lafontaine: w6544
We examine theoretical predictions and econometric evidence concerning franchise contracting and sales-force compensation and suggest a number of factors that ought to influence the contracts that are written between principles and agents. For each factor, we construct the simplest theoretical model that is capable of capturing what we feel to be its essence. The comparative statics from the theoretical exercise are then used to organize our discussion of the empirical evidence, where the evidence is taken from published studies that have attempted to assess each factor's effect on the power of agent incentives. We also discuss theoretical issues and empirical results pertaining to a few topics that have been addressed in the literature but that do not fit easily into our simple modelin...

Published: Advances in Business Applications of Game Theory, Chatterjee, K. and W. Samuelson, eds., Kluwer Academic Press, 2000.

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