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NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2007Implications of Alternative Operational Risk Modeling Techniques
with Patrick de Fontnouvelle, John Jordan
in The Risks of Financial Institutions, Mark Carey and René M. Stulz, editors
February 2005Implications of Alternative Operational Risk Modeling Techniques
with Patrick de Fontnouvelle, John Jordan: w11103

Published: Carey, Mark and Rene M. Stulz (eds.) The Risks of Financial Institutions A National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2006.

April 2003Unnatural Selection: Perverse Incentives and the Misallocation of Credit in Japan
with Joe Peek: w9643

Published: Peek, Joe and Eric S. Rosengren. "Unnatural Selection: Perverse Incentives And The Misallocation Of Credit In Japan," American Economic Review, 2005, v95(4,Sep), 1144-1166. citation courtesy of

January 2001Synergies between Bank Supervision and Monetary Policy: Implications for the Design of Bank Regulatory Structure
with Joe Peek, Geoffrey M. B. Tootell
in Prudential Supervision: What Works and What Doesn't, Frederic S. Mishkin, editor
August 2000Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Relative Access to Credit
with Michael Klein, Joe Peek: w7845

Published: Klein, Michael W., Joe Peek and Eric P. Rosengren. "Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Investment: The Role Of Relative Access To Credit," American Economic Review, 2002, v92(3,Jun), 664-682. citation courtesy of

July 1999Determinants of the Japan Premium: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
with Joe Peek: w7251

Published: Peek, Joe & Rosengren, Eric S., 2001. "Determinants of the Japan premium: actions speak louder than words," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 53(2), pages 283-305, April. citation courtesy of

October 1992The Real Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Relative Wealth vs. Relative Wage Effects
with Michael W. Klein: w4192

Published: Journal of International Economics, vol. 36, no. 3/4, May 1994, p. 373 citation courtesy of

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