A number of data sets are useful for researchers studying the science of science funding.  A short list is provided here:

Dimensions:  https://www.dimensions.ai/

Researchers can access the free Dimensions application covering 97 million publications, contextualized with grants, patents and clinical trials by visiting https://app.dimensions.ai/.

Lens:  https://www.lens.org/

  • Lens hosts most of the world's patent information and also scholarly literature (like PUBMED, CrossRef and Microsoft Academic), creating open public innovation portfolios of individuals and institutions. 

Risis:  http://datasets.risis.eu/

  • The EU funded RISIS covers data sets on public sector research, research careers, and a repository on research and innovation policy evaluations.  It includes inter alia:   EUPRO dataset comprises information on R&D projects and all participating organizations funded by the European Framework Programmes (FP); PROFILE is a longitudinal, multi-cohort panel study focusing on the situation of doctoral candidates and their postdoctoral professional careers. The sample consists of doctoral candidates at universities and funding organizations in Germany; The Science and Innovation Policy Evaluation Repository (SIPER) is a database consisting of science and innovation policy evaluations from across the world;  The RISIS-ETER facility is a set of databases providing a register of European Higher Education Institutions and containing basis statistical information on them, including descriptors, geographical information, students and graduates, personnel, finances, and research activities;The CWTS Leiden Ranking is a database of a university ranking focusing on output and impact of research.