Does Student Loan Forgiveness Drive Disability Application?: The Effect of the 2013 Expansion of the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Program on DI and SSI Participation
Investigators: Philip Armour (RAND Corporation) and Melanie Zaber (RAND Corporation)

This project analyzes whether DI enrollment as a qualifying criterion for student loan forgiveness increases DI applications. It focuses on a 2013 reform that expanded the Department of Education’s Total and Permanent Disability Discharge (TPDD) program, newly allowing DI or SSI enrollees to discharge their student debt, if they have a disability lasting at least five years. When considering the high and rising levels of student debt in the population, the ability to discharge this debt through DI or SSI enrollment represents a substantial new incentive to apply. This project explores the effect of the reform on DI and SSI applications as a function of student loan indebtedness, and the mediating influence of personal characteristics such as age and educational attainment.

Disability Support (DI and SSI)
Disability incidence in the population
Labor force participation
Informing projections
Student loan forgiveness

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