The Gender in the Economy study group is co-directed by Claudia Goldin (Harvard University and NBER), Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University and NBER), and Claudia Olivetti (Dartmouth College and NBER).  In addition to the co-directors, the Study Group includes ten scholars whose research touches on various issues involving gender, markets, and economic outcomes. They are:

     Patricia Cortes (Boston University and NBER)
     Jessica Goldberg (University of Maryland and NBER)
     Chinhui Juhn (University of Houston and NBER)
     Berk Ozler (World Bank)
     Jessica Pan (National University of Singapore)
     Rohini Pande (Yale University and NBER)
     Michele Tertilt (Mannheim University)
     Alessandra Voena (
Stanford University and NBER)
     Tom Vogl (University of California-San Diego and NBER)
     Basit Zafar (Arizona State University and NBER)

Advisory board members participate in research meetings and provide guidance and direction for the group's research agenda.