NB18-03 Amanda Michaud
Timothy Moore
David Wiczer
Understanding the Geographic Variation in Social Security Disability Insurance September 2019
NB18-q3 Philip Armour
James Marrone
The Role of Internal Migration in Disability Program Applications and Awards September 2019
NB17-08 Courtney Coile
Mark Duggan
Audrey Guo
Does Veterans’ Disability Compensation Benefit Receipt Affect the Use of Disability and Social Security Programs? September 2019
NB18-q4 Timothy Layton
Helge Liebert
Nicole Maestas
Daniel Prinz
Predicting Disability Enrollment Using Machine Learning September 2019
NB18-q5 Amanda Michaud
Timothy Moore
David Wiczer
The Relationship between Social Security Disability Insurance Wait Times and Applications September 2019
NB16-04 David Cutler
Noémie Sportiche
Susan Stewart
Do Economic Crises Harm Mental Health? Effects of the Great Recession on Older Americans September 2019
NB18-14 Lucie Schmidt
Lara Shore-Sheppard
Tara Watson
The Impact of the ACA Medicaid Expansion on Disability Program Applications July 2019
NB18-q9 Jonathan Cantor
Zubin Jelveh
Patricia K. Tong
The Impact of Access to Substance Abuse Treatment on Disability June 2019
NB18-13 Timothy J. Layton
Nicole Maestas
Daniel Prinz
Boris Vabson
Private vs. Public Provision of Social Insurance: Evidence from Medicaid April 2019
NB18-q7 Matthew S. Rutledge
Alice Zulkarnain
Sara Ellen King
The Relationship Between Occupational Requirements and SSDI Activity January 2019
NB18-04 Manasi Deshpande
Tal Gross
Yalun Su
Disability and Distress: The Effect of Disability Programs on Financial Outcomes January 2019
NB18-11 Philip Armour
Claire O’Hanlon
How Does Supplemental Medicare Coverage Affect the Disabled Under-65 Population?: An Exploratory Analysis of the Health Effects of States’ Medigap Policies for SSDI Beneficiaries January 2019

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