Siqi Zheng

Sustainable Urbanization Lab
Center for Real Estate
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Institutional Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020Clean Air as an Experience Good in Urban China
with Matthew E. Kahn, Weizeng Sun: w27790
April 2018The Role of Transportation Speed in Facilitating High Skilled Teamwork
with Xiaofang Dong, Matthew E. Kahn: w24539
March 2018The Revealed Preference of the Chinese Communist Party Leadership: Investing in Local Economic Development versus Rewarding Social Connections
with Matthew E. Kahn, Weizeng Sun, Jianfeng Wu: w24457
July 2015The Birth of Edge Cities in China: Measuring the Spillover Effects of Industrial Parks
with Weizeng Sun, Jianfeng Wu, Matthew E. Kahn: w21378
June 2015Self-Protection Investment Exacerbates Air Pollution Exposure Inequality in Urban China
with Cong Sun, Matthew E. Kahn: w21301

Published: Sun, Cong & Kahn, Matthew E. & Zheng, Siqi, 2017. "Self-protection investment exacerbates air pollution exposure inequality in urban China," Ecological Economics, Elsevier, vol. 131(C), pages 468-474. citation courtesy of

November 2013The Evolving Geography of China's Industrial Production: Implications for Pollution Dynamics and Urban Quality of Life
with Cong Sun, Ye Qi, Matthew E. Kahn: w19624

Published: Iris Claus & Les Oxley & Siqi Zheng & Cong Sun & Ye Qi & Matthew E. Kahn, 2014. "The Evolving Geography Of China'S Industrial Production: Implications For Pollution Dynamics And Urban Quality Of Life," Journal of Economic Surveys, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 28(4), pages 709-724, 09. citation courtesy of

March 2013Incentivizing China's Urban Mayors to Mitigate Pollution Externalities: The Role of the Central Government and Public Environmentalism
with Matthew E. Kahn, Weizeng Sun, Danglun Luo: w18872

Published: Regional Science and Urban Economics Volume 47, July 2014, Pages 61–71 SI: Tribute to John Quigley Cover image Incentives for China's urban mayors to mitigate pollution externalities: The role of the central government and public environmentalism ☆ Siqi Zhenga, , Matthew E. Kahnb, , , Weizeng Suna, , Danglun Luoc,

April 2011China's Rising Demand for "Green Cities": Evidence from Cross-City Real Estate Price Hedonics
with Jing Cao, Matthew E. Kahn: w16992

Published: Real Estate Valuation and Cross-Boundary Air Pollution Externalities: Evidence from Chinese Cities (joint with Cao, Zheng and Sun), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, April 2013

Does Government Investment in Local Public Goods Spur Gentrification? Evidence from Beijing
with Matthew E. Kahn: w17002

Published: Siqi Zheng & Matthew E. Kahn, 2013. "Does Government Investment in Local Public Goods Spur Gentrification? Evidence from Beijing," Real Estate Economics, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, vol. 41(1), pages 1-28, 03. citation courtesy of

December 2009The Greenness of China: Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Urban Development
with Rui Wang, Edward L. Glaeser, Matthew E. Kahn: w15621

Published: Siqi Zheng & Rui Wang & Edward L. Glaeser & Matthew E. Kahn, 2011. "The greenness of China: household carbon dioxide emissions and urban development," Journal of Economic Geography, Oxford University Press, vol. 11(5), pages 761-792, September. citation courtesy of

February 2009Towards a System of Open Cities in China: Home Prices, FDI Flows and Air Quality in 35 Major Cities
with Matthew E. Kahn, Hongyu Liu: w14751

Published: Zheng, Siqi & Kahn, Matthew E. & Liu, Hongyu, 2010. "Towards a system of open cities in China: Home prices, FDI flows and air quality in 35 major cities," Regional Science and Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 40(1), pages 1-10, January. citation courtesy of

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