The NBER Retirement and Disability Research Center, with funding from the Social Security Administration, has launched The Bulletin on Retirement and Disability (BRD), a free quarterly newsletter. The BRD features select summaries of the latest NBER research related to retirement and disability. Courtney Coile, Professor of Economics at Wellesley College and Associate Director of the NBER RDRC, is the editor.
Disability Benefit Receipt by State and County, 1970-2017: Description and Dataset
Investigator: Timothy Moore (Purdue University and NBER)
What Drives Prescription Opioid Use by People with Disabilities? Evidence from Migration
Investigators: Amy Finkelstein (MIT and NBER), Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford and NBER) and Heidi Williams (MIT and NBER)
SSDI Coverage, Application, and Receipt of Younger Workers: The Effect of Economic Conditions and Program Rules
Investigators: Till von Wachter (UCLA and NBER) and Jae Song (Social Security Administration)
Changing Labor Markets and Mental Illness: Impacts on Work and Disability
Investigators: Richard Frank (Harvard and NBER), Sherry Glied (New York University and NBER)
Changes Across Birth Cohorts in Income Adequacy from Pre-Retirement to Death: Evidence from IRS Tax Data
Investigators: John Beshears (Harvard and NBER), James J. Choi (Yale and NBER), David Laibson (Harvard and NBER), Brigitte C. Madrian (Harvard and NBER)
Assessing the Distributional Effects of SSA Programs using Linked Income & Consumption Survey Data
Investigator: Bruce D. Meyer (University of Chicago and NBER)
Effects of Disability Benefits on Financial Distress
Investigators: Tal Gross (PI, Boston University and NBER), Manasi Deshpande (University of Chicago, NBER, and SSA)
The Impact of Benefit Receipt on Financial Security Among Low-Income and Aged Households: New Evidence from Private Data and Linked Administrative Records in Rhode Island
Investigator: Justine S. Hastings (Brown University and NBER)
Annuity Demand by Defined Contribution Plan Participants
Investigators: Jeffrey R. Brown (University of Illinois and NBER), James Poterba (MIT and NBER), and David P. Richardson (TIAA Institute)
Social Security Claiming and Retirement Responses to FRA Changes
Investigators: Itzik Fadlon (PI, USCD and NBER); Manasi Deshpande (UChicago, NBER, and SSA)
The Effect of the Delayed Retirement Credit on Social Security Claiming and Employment
Investigator: Mark Duggan (Stanford and NBER)
How Do Individuals’ Retirement Expectations, Self-Reported Preparedness for Retirement and Self-Reported Saving Behavior Respond to Major Pension Reforms?
Investigators: Carl Emmerson, Rowena Crawford, and David Sturrock (UK, Institute for Fiscal Studies)
Social Security and Retirement Around the World: Lessons from a 25-Year International Collaboration
Investigator: Courtney Coile (Wellesley College and NBER)
Health Trajectories of Chronic Disease and Subsequent DI Claiming
Investigators: Amal Harrati and Mark R. Cullen (Stanford University School of Medicine)
The Long-Term Effects of Workplace Injuries on Labor Force Exit, DI Eligibility, and Early Retirement
Investigators: Michael Dworsky (RAND) and David Powell (RAND)
Optimal Disability Insurance Payments with Health and Employment Effects
Investigators: Alexander Gelber (PI; UC Berkeley & NBER) and Timothy Moore (Purdue & NBER)
Does Student Loan Forgiveness Drive Disability Application?: The Effect of the 2013 Expansion of the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Program on DI and SSI Participation
Investigators: Philip Armour (RAND Corporation) and Melanie Zaber (RAND Corporation)
Contract Work and Labor Force Participation at Older Ages
Investigators: Katharine G. Abraham (University of Maryland), Brad Hershbein (Upjohn Institute), and Susan Houseman (Upjohn Institute)
The Effect of Relabeling and Incentives on Retirement: Evidence from a Pension Reform
Investigators: Jonathan Gruber (MIT and NBER), Ohto Kanninen (Finland, Labor Institute for Economic Research)
Knowledge and Nudges: Intermediate Outcomes and Mechanisms
Investigators: Rebecca Dizon-Ross (PI, UChicago) and Manasi Deshpande (UChicago, NBER, and SSA)
The Vocational Grid and Work Capacity of Low-Skilled Disability Applicants
Investigators: Nicole Maestas (Harvard and NBER), Kathleen Mullen (RAND), Alexander Strand (SSA)
The Effect of Government Pensions on Labor Supply, Savings, and Financial Well-Being
Jialan Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and William Skimmyhorn (United States Military Academy, until July 2018, College of William & Mary (starting August 2018)
Causes and Consequences of Geographic Variation in Healthcare Spending for Individuals with Disabilities
Investigators: Nicole Maestas, Timothy Layton, and Mark Shepard (Harvard and NBER)