Causes and Consequences of Geographic Variation in Healthcare Spending for Individuals with Disabilities
Investigators: Nicole Maestas, Timothy Layton, and Mark Shepard (Harvard and NBER)

This project analyzes geographic variation in Medicaid spending by SSI beneficiaries with disabilities. Because Medicaid is administered by states, Medicaid policy provisions vary across state Medicaid programs, which in turn affects health care treatment patterns and health outcomes. The project will quantify differences across states in Medicaid spending by SSI beneficiaries, as well as differences in outcomes, including mortality, earnings, and non-mortality program exit. To the extent possible, we will decompose cross-state variation into differences that result from the composition of SSI beneficiaries in each state and differences that result from the causal effects of Medicaid policies.

Disability Support (DI and SSI)
Disability incidence
Program interactions with health insurance
Healthcare utilization
Healthcare spending
People with disabilities

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