Knowledge and Nudges: Intermediate Outcomes and Mechanisms
Investigators: Rebecca Dizon-Ross (PI, UChicago) and Manasi Deshpande (UChicago, NBER, and SSA)

This project analyzes an experimental intervention to improve the outcomes of SSI children by providing personalized information to families about the likelihood that a child will be removed from SSI at age 18, as well as resources to help SSI youth with the transition. The intervention is being conducted in partnership with vocational rehabilitation agencies. An initial phase of the project involves the conduct of the randomized controlled trial, and analysis of short-term outcomes. This follow-up phase analyzes intermediate outcomes, using linked administrative data on age 18 redetermination outcomes, DI and SSI receipt, parent and youth earnings, criminal behavior, and grade completion, as well as an endline survey of trial participants.

SSI (Youth)
Disability Support (DI and SSI)
Labor force participation
Communication and behavior
SSI youth

Papers funded by this Project: