Social Security and Retirement Around the World: Lessons from a 25-Year International Collaboration
Investigator: Courtney Coile (Wellesley College and NBER)

This project reflects on lessons learned from a 25-year collaboration on “Social Security and Retirement Around the World.” The collaboration involves research teams from the United States, Canada, Japan, and nine European countries; and will have produced a 10-volume series of parallel empirical studies based on the Social Security and Disability Insurance policies in each country. The incremental aim of this project is an integrative summary article targeted to a policy-oriented journal. It will review the policies in place in each country, their similarities and differences, how they have been reformed over time, the financial incentives inherent in these varying policy provisions, and how they in turn affect labor market behavior among covered workers.

Social Security (OASI and DI)
Labor force participation
International comparison
Retirement and disability policy
Financial incentives

Papers funded by this Project: