What Drives Prescription Opioid Use by People with Disabilities? Evidence from Migration
Investigators: Amy Finkelstein (MIT and NBER), Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford and NBER) and Heidi Williams (MIT and NBER)

Opioid abuse in the United States has reached crisis proportions. It is particularly pronounced among DI recipients, affecting their health and ability to return to work, as well as DI and Medicare program costs. This project analyzes the underlying causes of opioid abuse among DI beneficiaries; an important first step toward designing effective policies to combat it. The results will also lay the groundwork for subsequent projects examining the impact of opioid abuse on DI recipients' rates of work (or exit from DI) and on their overall health and healthcare use.

Disability Support (DI and SSI)
Disability incidence
Informing projections
Opioid epidemic