Disability Benefit Receipt by State and County, 1970-2017: Description and Dataset
Investigator: Timothy Moore (Purdue University and NBER)

This project creates a longitudinal database of DI and SSI participation rates and payments by county from 1970 to 2017. The data are compiled from single-year and state-specific reports, much of which is only available in paper form currently. The new database will be freely available for public use, and a rich resource for analyses of the geographic variations in disability program enrollment. This is important, because the geographic variation in enrollment are substantial; studying their causes informs our understanding of the determinants of DI and SSI enrollment more generally. An article will be written to showcase the dataset and discuss key insights and puzzles that arise from looking at disability incidence across counties over a long period of time.

Disability Support (DI and SSI)
Disability incidence
Disability incidence
Geographic differences in disability receipt

Papers funded by this Project: